You are the creator of your own life. The energy you bring to your life defines your reality. Living Yolates helps you create a self-caring environment for your body, mind, and soul. When you feel good, you open up to an optimal flow in your life. It is essential to enjoy the journey and the steps you take along the way. All actions are vital. Gratitude and trust are the keys to enjoying happiness and success in the current moment.

Living Yolates is a way for you to find your essence, your core values, your truth, and the feeling of standing firm in yourself. At the same time you’ll be a part of the Living Yolates community. Here everything is connected, and you can lean upon Living Yolates to get you back in balance with nature and your own superpowers

Everything in nature is round, circular, patterned, imperfectly perfect: the way the water flows in the rivers, the shapes of the leaves as they reach towards the sun, the way we inhale and exhale, the unique patterns on our fingertips. Everything is linked by nature’s intelligence. 

 Living Yolates is born from a deep respect and intense gratitude for the wisdom and power of nature. Our movements, philosophy, and foundations are built upon the belief that our natural world is the source of our strength, health, balance, love, trust, community, and joy.

Everything is connected. From every grain of said, drop of water, breath we breathe, and step we take, everything is circular and cyclical. Endless spirals of energy are changing, moving, and flowing in and around us all the time. The Earth spins as it circles the sun giving us our days and years. Our moon orbits around us affecting the flow of our water and our bodies, and the seasons blend into one another as they morph and change our environment. Contrasting and complementing elements surround us all the time and create the world we know and love.