The Method

The Living Yolates Method is made up of three styles of movement that blend and flow together to create a holistic, comprehensive, and full-body experience. All are influenced by the pillars of Living Yolates: yoga, pilates, dance, and energy work. 

Soft slows down and soothes, strong activates and ignites, and dancing releases and expresses. Together these styles, in various lengths, with various focused themes will meet you where you are, any day, with whatever time you have to devote to your body, and in whatever season of the year or life you are in. For more about each style see below! 

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    Soft Yolates is a gentle flow to warm the body and calm the mind. Deep stretches recharge and remove any stagnated energy from inside of you. Loosen up tensions and heaviness in the body and release them. Rest and recharge as we integrate the important work and embrace the quietness.


    Strong Yolates is a powerful practice to strengthen your body and mind in the present moment and well into the future. Perfect for when you need to a boost of energy or a release, a Strong Yolates class can awaken any body, any time, any day!


    Dancing Yolates is all about that woohoo! kind of feeling, about bringing your inner child to life full of wonder, joy, and play! These classes will leave you feeling full of vibrancy and will activate your entire body with energizing exercises.